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Can i really write off most of my Debts?

yes you can, you can write off upto 85% but the average write off is 40%.

The benefits of a IVA:

Substantially lower monthly payments.

Write off a high percentage of your Debts.

stop creditor phone calls and harassment.

Be DEBT FREE in 5 years.

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Our qualified advisor's will look at your monthly income and outgoings, and see what you can realistically afford to pay towards your debts monthly.

we will then put together a proposal to your lenders, and the evidence with wage slips and bank statements and provide reasons why the lenders should accept.

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Try our iva checker or contact us to see if you can write off upto 85% of your  unsecured debt. Your details will be treated with confidentiality we offer national debt relief & unsecured debt advice to get you on a road to a debt free living.

What is a IVA?

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Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An IVA in England and Wales is a formal agreement for people wishing to avoid bankruptcy.

The IVA was originally established by and is governed by part VIII of the insolvency act 1986 and constitutes a formal repayment proposal debtors creditors via an insolvency practitioner.

The IVA is  mainly for unsecured Debts, making sure your secured Debts are protected. for example property.

An IVA is a contractual agreement with your crediotrs and can be as flexible as your own personal circumstances

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What Debts can be included in a Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Debts that can be included in iva:

Credit Cards

Unsecured Loans


payday Loans


Store Cards

Utility Debt

Council Tax Debt

Hmrc Tax Debt

Old rent Arrears Debt

Detbt Collectors

County Court Judgements

Secured Loans, Mortgages, Court Fines, High Court Writs can not be included.

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High acceptance

We Set up the iva for free and there are no upfront costs, We have a 95% success rate of getting people accepted for iva due to having a large panel of insolvency practitioners with different guidelines. 

We are fully regulated by the fca through our partners and all your details will not be passed on to any third parties without your consent. all fee's are built into your monthly payments, contributions to the insolvency practitioner's may vary.

IVA Faqs

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The iva process in more detail

Our qualified advisor's will look at your monthly income and outgoings, and see what you can realistically afford to pay towards your debts monthly.

we will then put together a proposal to your creditors, and the evidence with wage slips and bank statements and provide reasons why the lenders should accept.

Next there is a creditors meeting where the 75% holding of your Debts vote on whether they will accept the agreement, this means that the 25% or less who vote no do not affect the iva proposal. if the 75% vote yes then your iva is accepted.

on the start of the iva process the agreement is legally binding, on the last payment any outstanding unsecured debt including interest & charges will be written off. 

Try our IVA checker and see if you could qualify for credit card debt consolidation.

How much do you need to do a iva?

the minimum debt level is £6,000 or more and need to have more than 1 creditor, the minimum monthly payments are £80.

Will iva affect my job?

the majority of people find that there job is not affected.

however, some employers do have written into contracts of certain roles who can not do a iva. always check your contract.

the jobs it mainly tends to affect are jobs such as accountants or head of finance, financial advisors, mortgage advisors etc.

but our experts will talk you through this.

will lenders still pressure me?

Because you are entering into a legally binding agreement your lenders will have to stop chasing and harassing you, and you will be protected from any further action.

will i be able to get credit in the future?

yes you will, iva will be on your credit for 6 years. after that you will be able to build up your credit rating again if you enter into bankruptcy it could be on your credit file for up to 15 years.

Will my home be apart of the agreement?

if you own a property then yes , but a iva protects your property from any charging orders being put against it. if you have equity in your property you may be asked to try and remortgage after 5 years.

 it is very rare that any lenders would lend to you in todays market, if you cant release the equity then you would just carry on paying for another year which would mean the life of your iva would be 6 years.

Write off upto 85% of your debts.

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All solutions are subject to acceptance and eligibility. Further conditions will apply and calls are recorded for your protection. Initial advice is always free but, as commercial companies our partners do charge for on-going services. Debt write off only applies on completion of the Insolvency Solution. Full details will be discussed prior to entering into an agreement and alternative options may be offered, where considered to be in your best interest. Your ability to obtain credit will be affected for 6 years.

All debt solutions should be very carefully considered. never charge for the service we provide, but if you enter into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) with one of our partner Companies, then costs will apply, only once the IVA has been approved and comes out of the payments made into the estate over the term, these are made clear by the advisers and also in the documentation you receive. partners are all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and comply with their rules and principles of business. 

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