Government Debt Scheme

IVA Scheme


An IVA is a Individual Voluntary Arrangement, This was formally introduced in 1986 by the government mainly for businesses struggling to meet their creditors agreements and giving them another option from Bankruptcy.

With people taking out more personal credit, This was adapted so individual's could apply for IVA to help them out of Debt.


If you owe £6,000 or more you could potentially qualify for Government Debt Scheme, we will take you through a FREE Financial Review.

Once we have carried out the review, we will put a proposal together for the creditors to show why you are struggling and why they should accept it. Your case will be taken to a creditors meeting where at least 75% of your debts have to vote to accept the case. Once accepted up to 80% of your Debts can be written off, but the average is around 45% and your payments lowered to a affordable amount.

We have a 95% success rate for getting people accepted for the IVA Scheme.