IVA Faqs

IVA Faqs


Debt Tick List

Bank Loans

Credit Cards

Bank Overdrafts

Payday Loans


Stores Cards

Benefit Over Payments

Council Tax Debt

Tax Debt

County Court Judgements

Not Viable Debts

Penalty Fines

Secured Loans


High Court Writs

Will My Home Be Protected?

Your Home will be protected while you are paying your IVA, but they will take into account if there is any equity in your property and you may be asked to try and release equity to pay off Debt.

How Long Does IVA Take To Set up & Pay Off

To get accepted for IVA agreement it can normally take 4-8 weeks to get set up, within this period your creditors can not take any further action for example, Charging Orders, Bailiff action.

IVA last for 5 years, if you have property with equity it can go upto 6 years

Can Creditors Still Chase Me?

Once you have been accepted for IVA agreement, They can not contact you or pester you with letters. They will have to go through your Insolvency Practioner.

Will IVA Affect My Job & Will People Know I'm on IVA?

IVA will most unlikely affect your job, but if you are in a position of power and finances always check your employment contract, your details will be entered onto a insolvency register but people would have to search for it.

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