IVA Testimonials

Dan's Story


 "I was really struggling, i had a couple of relationship breakdowns and things were getting on top of me. I applied online and adam called me straight away, he was so helpful and could'nt do enough to help me. We worked out i had debts of £10,000, Adam drafted it up and i spoke to an insolvency practioner within 4 weeks my case was accpeted. I could'nt describe the relief. Thank You guys " 

Catherine & John


 "We were really happy to provide a statement on the debts centre iva testimonials, Me and John are really hard working people, i worked in the NHS and John was a truck driver who worked long hours. We had a house with mortgage and secured loan, after 15 years working for the same company John became unemployed due to the company going out of business! then for about 10 months we used the credit cards to live on and racked up about £15k worth of debt. Luckily enough John got back into work but we could not make the full repayments.I made an iva application online for more iva government advice, and then i spoke to Stuart who helped us getting accepted for IVA, and said our property would be protected we got accpeted 2 months later. We can't thank you enough for all your help" 



 "I was a hard working business man, when i got into trouble paying my HRMC Tax bill, i just buried my head in the sand and was robbing Peter to pay paul, so after putting it off for so long i spoke to Adam, he was great. he really helped me they checked on everything i didnt realise i had a tax bill of £180k and also had charging orders against my property i was'nt even aware of! Adam applied for a loan to pay off charging orders then put together a proposal for iva for the tax and other Debts and it got accepted. I owe you everything Adam i don't know what i would of done if i was made bankrupt and lost my house." 

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